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..L (o + i) ving Room..

some designs of living warm, cozy, pleasurable, clean, neat, fancy, cool, beautiful..*wanna have one..*lol..

yes do I..i always dream to have and design my own house self & so does the living room..put everything i like, create many fun things and absolutely make a big-cute-happy family in it is a place to home and family is people that welcome you warm.. 


besides that i also want to add nice-lovely corner in some parts of my house..
wall of frame
a big map on the wall and some of marks with pins or whatever that represent places have had been there ^^
stuffs from recycling unused things & old furnitures..great invention and so creative.. 
handicraft on the wall-display
sophisticated bookcase
and surely (my house)'ll use many soft color&pastel, minimalis mode, wall papers etc too..aamiinn..

nb : these pictures are taken from google search engine..

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