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..junioR masteRchef aussy seasOn 1..

*maybe the topic was so yesterday..haha but till now i cant stop admiring these kids.. so crazy about this show definitely..
always crying every watch on’s never a bore watching these little kitchen geniuses at work again, again and again..

i didnt mind at all if st*rworld always replaying over and over, even the episodes stay the same in every single day..haha *lol

maybe i've watched this tens times..even from youtube (i'm willing to wait the buffering video in every part of those..) and so did the download's videos from rileks.comlabs.itb though..

so talented and adorable they are..
aawwww...espescially Nick & Pierre.. :)
and the winner, Isabella absolutely..

isabella and her winner dish
one of my favourite isabella's dish..Lemon Meringue Cupcakes
love them all ♥ ♥  

this reality show involving kids aged between 8 – 12..but they're good at making pasta dough, cooking international dishes, baking a pie or making a simple crunchy salad & mashed potato..aww..i'm not sure i could do like that..hahahha *jauuuuhhh banget.. =P

i wanna just share some photos of them..every moment, every episode, every capture, every challenge, every expression...really heart that..

thanks "junior masterchef australia season 1", you always succeed to light up my days after watching you..
top 50 junior masterchef aussy =D
twins : isabella & sofia, at qualification round
tasted test "Pizza", before big 8
really..really fallin for u.. >,<
the youngest contestant siena with luci, anthony and NICK..
grand finale : isabella, jack and pear perfection..
>,< pierre.. lottalove
lovely judges..espescially gary mehigan (left)
theyR beliebers..
with callum  and adam from masterchef aussy #2
their future dreams resto, " IsSofia"
with their cute&lovely brother..he is a big fans of the twins..

last but not least, congratulation for you guys..better late than never to say..great job!

*image source : somekinds from facebookfanpage, official website, someblogs

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